Bonny Doon and Ben Lomond Mountain

(Or: If Bonny Doon's not in them, where are the Santa Cruz Mountains?)

Ben Lomond Mountain (shaded green, above) is the name for the stretch of coastal hills between the
San Lorenzo Valley and the ocean.
Eagle Rock, Lone Star Peak and Bald Mountain are the three
prominences on Ben Lomond Mountain that are evident in this venerable map.

The Santa Cruz Mountains (tinted red) are found east of the San Lorenzo valley and follow the border
between Santa Clara County and Santa Cruz County.
They're designated as such on this map (and
most others) though the words are difficult to read here.

Loma Prieta, Mt. Bache and Mt. Umanhum are all in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

The San Andreas Fault, the operative border between the North American Plate and the Pacific Plate
to the west,
runs along the Santa Cruz Mountains. The epicenter of the 1989 quake was located near Loma Prieta.

Bonny Doon is not in the Santa Cruz Mountains - it's on Ben Lomond Mountain, in the Coast Range.

This is a fragment of an 1879 map: check the location (then) of the Santa Cruz County border with San Mateo. At
this time, Pacific Mills was a logging town on the San Lorenzo, which was
re-named Ben Lomond in 1887, after the mountain.

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Please find and read:

Santa Cruz County Place Names - A Geographical Dictionary

by Donald Thomas Clark

Published by the Santa Cruz Historical Society

ISBN 0-940283-01-8