These are all the official RBDA correspondence items sent by the Board in 2006

June 10th 2006

Neal Coonerty
510 King St
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Dear Mr. Coonerty,

The Board members of the Rural Bonny Doon Association would like to congratulate you on winning the vote for the 3rd district.  We look forward to working with you on issues that concern Bonny Doon and the North Coast.

Over the years we have established a schedule and agenda for our Community Meetings that includes our 3rd district supervisor.  The meetings happen at 7:30pm on the second Wednesdays of January, March, May, , September and November at the Bonny Doon Elementary School.

 At our annual meeting in January the supervisor is the main guest speaker on our agenda to give the  “state of the county” report.  We hope you will be able to continue this tradition.  We have also appreciated regular attendance by our supervisor at the other monthly meetings to allow for a dialogue with our membership, hear the voices of the community as well as present and discuss current county business and issues of concern as they develop.  We have come to appreciate a regular scheduled time that the community can bring up issues and we have learned that this has made a tremendous difference by having a forum for open dialogue with our county representative. 

We look forward to having you at our meetings and an opportunity to develop a good work relationship.


Yana Jacobs
Corresponding Secretary.

April 17, 2006
Thomas L. Bolich, Director of Public Works
Department of Public Works
Santa Cruz County
701 Ocean St.
Santa Cruz, CA

Re: Urgent Road Repair needed on Empire Grade

Dear Mr. Bolich,

I would like to bring your attention to a serious and potentially life threatening road situation in Bonny Doon.

Empire Grade, approximately one half mile north of the UCSC West entrance is rapidly deteriorating from the rains.  There is a huge series of deep cracks in and along the road which appears like the road is in danger of breaking off especially both with normal residential traffic as well as heavy equipment going in and out of both the Quarry and Lockhead Martin.

This area has shown a marked worsening just over the past few days.  Note the photo attached was taken on April 14th, we have had much rain since the 14th.

I urge you to take action to remedy this area before we lose the road which would cost the county large sums of money and possible serious loss of life or injury.  Empire Grade is a major artery for the Bonny Doon Community, we cannot afford to lose this section of road for our daily commute.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Yana Jacobs, Corresponding Secretary

Cc: Supervisor Mardi Wormhoudt, Third District

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