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November/December 2018   
RBDA November General Meeting: Discussion about PG&E’s Controversial Community Wildfire Safety Program - Stewart “Stew” Roth, Public Safety Specialist, PG&E - PG&E’s Enhanced Vegetation Management Program Threatens to Bring Lasting Change to Bonny Doon - Concerns about efficacy of the EVM program - What You Need to Know When PG&E Comes to Your Neighborhood - The RBDA Needs You! - County Continues to Fight to Mitigate Potential Impacts of UCSC Growth - Why I Serve: David Regus

September/October 2018
   Preparing for Wildfire During the Height of Fire Season, Joe Christy, President, Bonny Doon Fire Safe Council - Draft Environmental Impact Report for North Coast Rail Trail Released - County Reviewing Land Trust’s Pubic Access Plan for San Vicente Redwoods - Supervisor Coonerty’s Update on North Coast Rail Trail and Coastal Cleanups - Do You Have a Plan for Pet Evacuation in a Wildfire Emergency? - Sign Up for Bonny Doon’s Alert Text Message System!

July/August 2018   Santa Cruz Loves “U” - Support the BD Volunteer Fire and Rescue Team at the First Annual Taco Social - Your County Budget, by Ryan Coonerty, Third District Supervisor - San Vicente Redwoods Parking Lot Construction Begins in Spring 2019 - Shutting Down the Grid to Prevent Wildfires? - Power Switch
May/June 2018
  Not Squidding Around: New Radio Station, KSQD-FM, Gets Ready to Launch  - Save the Date! Come Support our Volunteer Fire and Rescue Team at the First Annual Bonny Doon Taco Social on August 25 - Momentum Building to Thwart UCSC Growth - Update: Protecting our Natural Resources from Commercial Cannabis Operations - Community Members Organize to Preserve the Reserve  - Public Access to San Vicente Redwoods is Just Around the Corner

March/April 2018   County Pivots on Commercial Cannabis Regulations - UCSC Reveals Plans for Stunning Growth Roughly Equal to the Population of Scotts Valley - Update on Proposed Changes to the Commercial Cannabis Ordinances, by Supervisor Ryan Coonerty - Will Joby Aviation’s Cement Plant Plan Fly? - RBDA Membership Renewal Reminder - Results from January Board Elections

January/February 2018   Does Santa Cruz County Need Better and More Formalized Regional Planning for Open Space Lands? - Recap of the Davenport Cement Plant Reuse Community Workshop - RBDA Board Members up for Election in January! - Joining or Renewing Your RBDA Membership is Now Easier - Updates on the County’s Strategic Plan and Hosted Rentals - Commercial Cannabis Cultivation Update

November/December 2017   A Vision for Regional Trail Planning—Matt De Young, Executive Director of Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz  - Local Trail Advocacy Group Hopes to Improve Trail Connectivity  - Celebrating 60 years in Style! - Draft Environmental Impact Report for Commercial Cannabis Cultivation Falls Short - What is the County Doing to Ease the Local Housing Crisis?    - Community Advisory Group Hopes to Influence New UCSC Growth - Are You Prepared for Wildfires?  - For Sale: The Last Private Santa Cruz Beach

September/October 2017   COME CELEBRATE 60 YEARS WITH US!! - 60 Years of Achievements of the Rural Bonny Doon Association (RBDA) - RBDA Leads the Charge to Establish Open Space Regional Planning - Monitoring Cannabis Legalization’s Environmental Impact  - CESC & Ongoing Challenges - Are You Ready for the NEXT BIG ONE? - RBDA to Participate on UCSC Growth Advisory Committee

July/August 2017   What to Do with an Old Cement Plant? - More State Funds for Maintenance of North Coast Beaches? - UCSC Growth Again Looms as Major Issue for Bonny Doon and Santa Cruz - County Resolves to Reduce Rodenticide Use - Supervisors Encouraging - Increased Housing Density  - Behind-the-Scenes Glimpse into RBDA Activities - A High-Speed Rail Trail Environmental Impact Report? - Kendra Turk-Kubo, New RBDA Board Member and Highlander Editor - Mountain Bike Challenge Returns July 29
May/June 2017      The (Not So) Secret Lives of Breeding Humpback Whales - UCSC Growth, Impacts to Continue - Growing Cannabis for Personal Use - EIR On Commercial Cultivation Ready Soon - North Coast Rail Trail Going Off the Rails? - County Parks Dept.’s 1st Strategic Plan - Susan Mason, Local Hero Honored - RBDA 60th Anniversary: Did You Serve on the RBDA Board? - Offroad Bike Race Will Raise $ for Wilder Ranch Trail improvements

March/April 2017
    The Cougars Among Us - Cotoni-Coast Dairies National Monument: Lots of Questions, Few Answers - Supervisors’ Conditions Missing from Monument Proclamation - San Vicente Redwoods Trails - We’re 60! 2017 is the 60th anniversary of the Rural Bonny Doon Association -   County Starts Commercial Cannabis EIR Process: Get Your Comments In - Sempervirens Fund Wants to Bank Trees - Join/Renew Your RBDA Membership: New 5-year Option Available!

January/February 2017
   Land and Sea Sanctuaries - Cement Plant Reuse Update - RBDA Board Election at January 11 Meeting - Cannabis Cultivation Licensing Underway - Our Sky Could Get Louder - Joining or Renewing Your RBDA Membership Now Easier  - No More Large Trucks on Felton Empire - Coast Dairies Will Never Be Sold

November/December 2016    Supervisor Ryan Coonerty - Cement Plant to Become the “Great Park” Gateway? - Coast Dairies About to Become a National Monument? - Community Action: It’s a Good Thing—Barry Blanchard - No, You May Not Have This Dance -The Loma Fire: Why There Must Be Residences on Pot Farms - The RBDA Needs You!

September/October 2016    Seismicity and Faulting In and Adjacent to Monterey Bay - Update from Supervisor Ryan Coonerty - Marijuana Measures on November Ballot - What Is the RBDA? - The RBDA Needs Your Help - Bus Service Cut

July/August 2016   Update on Proposed Commercial Medical Marijuana Regulations - RBDA Recommendations - Recreational Pot Use on State Ballot - Sempervirens Fund Steps Up Misleading National Monument Campaign - Land Use Regulations—Words Must Mean What They Say - Drive Extra Cautiously July 30 (Santa Cruz Mountain Challenge, the Doonart Tour) - Santa Cruz Biotechnology Loses License, Fined - 3-Day Party Drives Dooners Raving Mad - RBDA Board Needs Two More Volunteers

May/June 2016   Bringing Back the Coastal Prairie - Bus Stop? - Cannabis Ordinance Update - What the RBDA Board Has Done - San Vicente Redwoods Trail Plans Update - AT&T Seeks To Abandon Phone Lines

March/April 2016     Logging Then and Now - Cannabis Committee Update - Judge Throws Out Castle House Permit - First Coast Dairies’ Trail to Open - Developers Undermine Coastal Commission - Making Felton Empire Road (not Grade) Safer - Our Beautiful and Wild Ocean Can Be Dangerous - RBDA Board Officers for 2016

January/February 2016     Opening San Vicente Redwoods and Coast Dairies - North Coast Rail Trail to Roll Out - Interim Commercial Cannabis Law Passed - Castle House Suit Goes to Court  - RBDA Board Election - Proposed Bylaws Changes

November/December 2015     El Niño – Wild Child or Under-Achiever? - Pot Farming: the State Steps In and Steps Up – EIR for New Land Use Rules to Start – Tourism Drives the Coast Dairies National Monument Train - RBDA Board Nominations - RBDA Inc. - What We Do

September/October 2015      Proposed Changes for Commercial Events at Your House - Committee to Advise County on Pot Policy - Opposition Building to Coast Dairies Monument Status - BLM Rethinks Coast Dairies’ First Trail - The Land Trust Expands Planned San Vicente Redwoods Trails  - New Board Member - Open Space District Moves Ahead - North Coast Rail Trail Funded

July/August 2015      Coast Dairies National Monument—A Good Idea? - First Coast Dairies’ Trail to Open - Haze Settles Over Pot Growing Rules - Supervisors Ask for Rewrite on Proposed Land Use Regulation Changes - Rail Trail Sailing Ahead - County Sued Over Castle House Permit - Work for the Betterment of Bonny Doon - Prime Season for Fire Safety

May/June 2015    
Stunning Imagery from Local Photographers: Bird’s Eye Views, Views of Birds - A Monument to Uncertainty - New Website for Information - Pot Paradox: Legal to Buy, Illegal to Grow - Emergency Responders Program Begins - Worked Up About Working Lands - Castle House Permit Still Under Siege

March/April 2015     Coast Dairies: National Monument a Monumental Mistake? - Supervisor Ryan Coonerty: Pot Farming, National Monuments, and Event Centers - New RBDA Officers - Talk to Us on Facebook

January/February 2015   The Abundance of Monterey Bay, Whales, Dolphins & More, Jodi Frediani - Castle House Event Center Fight Continues - No Cannabis-ness As Usual - Draft Cement Plant Reuse Plan Released - Coast Farms Protection Ensured - RBDA Board Elections - That Time, Again! - RBDA to Restructure - Proposed RBDA Bylaws Change

November/December 2014     Pot: Mountain High or Growing Problem? - Castle House Event Venue Permit Appealed - Concern Over Proposed San Vicente Redwoods Parking - Board Nominations at November Meeting

September/October 2014     Coast Dairies, San Vicente Redwoods - Castle House Weddings Approved - Highs and Lows of Marijuana Growing - Don’t Trust TPL - State Looking Deeper Into Water - New Law Aimed at Protecting Cyclists

July /August 2014     2015 Opening for Coast Dairies, 2016 for San Vicente Redwoods - Event Center Headed for Hearing - Pond Problems Holding up New Winery - I Was Stoned and I Missed It - The Drought and Bonny Doon Water - Newest Member of RBDA Board, Betsy Firebaugh - Val Haley Retiring from Bonny Doon Ecological Reserve

May/June 2014     For Goodness Snakes - Meet the Candidates for Supervisor - Snakes: the Good, the Dangerous and the Beautiful - County Supervisor Candidates - Coast Dairies at Last the People’s Park - TPL Motion for Attorney Fees Rejected - CEMEX Redwoods Access update - The RBDA Board: Volunteers Needed - Join the Conservation - Thank You for Your Generosity

March/April 2014     What Birds Say Can Help Us All - Less Wine on Pine Flat, More on Smith Grade? - Marilyn Hummel, Local Hero - In Memoriam: Frank Wylie, Tom Carey - National Focus on Santa Cruz Biotech Woes - Changes on the RBDA Board

January/February 2014     The Incredible Importance of Karst to Our Water Supply - 2013 in Review - A Monumental Moment for Coast Dairies? - Supes Talking Pot - Board Elections at January 8 Meeting
November/December 2013     Saving the Salmon, and the Trout - Conserving Cemex Redwoods - Hotel (Davenport) California? - Castle House Proposal Scaled Back - UCSC Water EIR Goes Down the Drain  - Apple Exec Mansion Goes Mini - Court Blocks Public Input on Coast Dairies Subdivision - Help Keep Bonny Doon Wonderful - Removing Trees Damaged in Martin Fire

September/October 2013     Planning for Public Access to “CEMEX Redwoods” - Every Home a Castle...or a Nuisance? - Santa Cruz Water Sources Drying Up as Desalination Plan Withers - Horrible Idea, Resurrected - Beauregard Vineyards Expansion Application Still Incomplete - Rail Trail Grant Application Derailed

July/August 2013     Beauregard Vineyards Applies for Permit Expansion - City Must Re-Do EIR for UCSC Water Growth - Heartland’s Plans for Airport - CEMEX Redwoods Update - Supervisor Coonerty Won’t Seek Re-election - Coast Dairies-BLM Transfer Entering Final Phase? - Merging Property Parcels Can Save Money, Preserve Privacy

May/June 2013     Something in the Air at Bonny Doon Airport - Coast Dairies: Public Wins, County Loses at Court of Appeal - Legal Battle Flows on over EIR for UCSC North Campus Water - Sheriff Organizing Public Forums to Track Problems - New Landscape Law for New House Construction - Fighting Trespassing on Cemex Redwoods Trails - Mountain Lion Project Publishes Results - Large House Law Revised

March/April 2013   What’s New at the Eco Reserve - Why the Moon Rocks Are Special - Mushroom Recap - Court Reaffirms EIR for UCSC North Campus Water Flawed - CEMEX Chapter of Bonny Doon History Ends - Quarry Reclamation: Still the Pits – Santa Cruz Biotech Still Getting People’s Goats - Your New RBDA Board

January/February 2013    State of the County 2013, Third District Supervisor Neal Coonerty - Court Dams LAFCO’s UCSC Water Vote – Beauregard Vineyards Proposal - More Public Input into Large House Proposals - Happy Trails to You - RBDA Board for 2013 - Membership Renewal Reminder – and so on

November/December 2012  Law Enforcement in Bonny Doon - LAFCO Decision on UCSC Expansion Now Slated for December 5 - Planning Coho Recovery on the Central Coast - Tracking Sudden Oak Death in Bonny Doon - New Smoke Rules for Backyard Burns - Bonny Doon Propane Co-Op - RBDA Board Nominations - Ideas for RBDA Meeting Topics

September/October 2012  Natives of the Monterey Bay: Then and Now - Opinion on Beauregard Vineyards an Uvaggio - Critical LAFCO UCSC Decision Coming Up - Dooners May Get Stronger Voice About Monster Homes - Talk About Cheaper Gas Not a Lot of Hot Air - Time to Begin Thinking About…[joining the RBDA Board]

July/August 2012  Legal Snafus Delay LAFCO UCSC Decision - UCSC Long Range Development Plan for 2020 by the Numbers - Beauregard Vineyards Dinner Concerts Canceled - Public Access to Coast Dairies? We’re Still Waiting - Resource Survey of CEMEX Redwoods Under Way - Cyclists Coming Through the Doon July 28
May/June 2012  Bonny Doon: a Grape Place for Wine - Terroir of Bonny Doon - UCSC Expansion Plans Dammed - Big Step Forward for Coast Dairies - Open Space Easements: Trading Tax Breaks for Land Preservation - CEMEX Redwoods Land Update - Reminder: Bike Race in Bonny Doon May 14 - Going Outside? 1st Check this Site

March/April 2012  Cemex Land Purchase: What You Need to Know - Water for UCSC Expansion: Something’s Fishy - Monsters Invade Bonny Doon - Bike Race Returns to Bonny Doon - Arboretum Founder Ray Collett Dies - Now We Are Seven (RBDA Board)

January/February 2012  Big Creek and Our Forests - CEMEX Land Purchase and Preservation Announced - Bonny Doon ignored by LAFCO in UCSC Decision - Coast Dairies Suit Appealed - It’s That Time of Year Again! - Keeping Bonny Doon Rural and Natural - RBDA Board Elections

November/December 2011   Santa Cruz Puma Project: Where Do Lions Live? - LOL: LAFCO Out Loud - A Hole Story, Unfinished - The Multiple Uses of Bonny Doon Roads - Ecological Reserve Happenings - RBDA Board Nominations - What Do YOU Think?

September/October 2011    Rules for Non-Conforming Structures - Coastal Watershed Protection - Coast Dairies Diary - HAWC grounded - UCSC/City water deal cleared to LAFCO

July/August 2011    With Key LAFCo Vote Approaching, the UCSC Expansion Timeline, Annotated - Santa Cruz County Land Trust Conservation Blueprint, Bonny Doon and the RBDA - Pandora's Box Opening: Reform of Regulations on Nonconforming Structures and Uses on the Table - Santa Cruz Mountain Challenge Bicyclists Touring Bonny Doon July 30

May/June 2011    Conservation Blueprint for Santa Cruz County - More Water for Bonny Doon Fish, Less for City - Legal Challenge to UCSC Water Expansion EIR in Court May 11 - The RBDA Wants YOU! - Bonny Doon Reserve Gets New Manager - An Apology

March/April 2011   The Wild World of Frogs, Dr. Kerry Kriger - Update on Changes to Zoning Rules - Western Pine Beetles Threaten Ponderosas - RBDA Executive Board Changes - Search for Fugitive Prompts Communication Concerns - New LAFCO Water Policy May Affect UCSC Expansion - Coast Dairies Update - Cement Plant News - RBDA Membership Drops

January/February 2011   The Evolving Ecology of the Bonny Doon Reserve - Streamlining Zoning: Back to the Future? - RBDA Board Elections at January 12 Meeting - LAFCo to Take Up UCSC Water Service - Membership Renewals Due February 1 - Judge Throws Out Coast Dairies Petition - Keeping Wilder Organic

November/December 2010     Bringing Back the Salmon - Public Forum On County Fire - Boarding Houses in Bonny Doon? - Cemex Misses Quarry Closure Plan Deadline - Judge Favors LAFCO in Fire District Suit - Feds Help Laguna Creek Regain Wetland - Legal Battle Over UCSC Expansion Water Supply Continues - Sharing the Road - RBDA Board Nominations at the Nov. 10 Meeting - Housesit a Frozen Deer

September/October 2010     Peregrine Falcons: Back from the Brink - Town Hall Meeting with Assemblymember Bill Monning – Giving the Public a Voice in Coast Dairies Uses - The RBDA’s Role in Land Use Issues - Cemex Timberlands Headed for Public Ownership?- UCSC Water Expansion Flows Along - Like Bonny Doon the Way It Is? Consider Running for the RBDA Board - Goings on in the Trees

July/August 2010   Final EIR on Expanded UCSC Water Due Soon - Cemex Abandons the Bonny Doon Quarry - Neal Coonerty Shares Goals For His New Term - Walk Like an Ecologist - New County Fees Chill Public Records Act Inquiries

May/June 2010  Mountain Gardening, Jan Nelson – Supervisor Election June 8 - UCSC Expansion Update - What Is Worth Saving? - Cemex Keeps Quarry Option Open - RBDA Membership Update

March/April 2010   Famed Explorer Mike Fay Talks Redwoods - Cemex Plant Closure Opens Questions - Process Begun to Increase Rural Fire Service Funding - What is County Fire? - Bonny Doon Loses a Great Asset - Deficiencies Noted in UCSC Expansion EIR - New RBDA Officers - UCSC Study Now Tracking 10 Lions - “Fire Safe” Update - Membership Update

January/February 2010  A Staircase Through Time: Marine Terraces Of The Santa Cruz Area - Making Bonny Doon Fire Safe - Famed Explorer at March 2 RBDA Meeting - RBDA Board Elections - Community Service Officer for Bonny Doon - Finances and Membership Renewals - Crucial EIR For UCSC Expansion Released - Gas From Slash? - Want To Protect Our Parks?

November/December 2009   A Strong Environmental Voice Is Stilled - North Coast Law Enforcement May Improve Despite Budget Woes - More Problems Emerge for Cemex Quarry Expansion - EIR for UCSC Upper Campus Expansion Expected Soon - Lockheed Fire Aftermath - Open Space District Bill Withdrawn - RBDA Board Nominations At 11/11 Meeting

September/October 2009   The Cemex Quarry Expansion: It’s the Water - Important Fire Related Information - Wonder Where the Lions Are? - CCC to Vote on Accessory and Second Unit Building Rules - Selling Mobile Phone Service to Your Phone Company - Love Bonny Doon? Consider Running For The RBDA Board - No Joke: LAFCo Fights To Defend Its Territory

July/August 2009   The Fire Next Time: Getting Ready - New Coalition Formed to  Oppose UCSC Expansion - Fish Fry as  State Fiddles - Update on Mountain Lion Project - A Quieter and Safer Bonny Doon

May/June 2009   Santa Cruz Open Space District - Better Approach to Land Protection - Cal Fire Comes to Bonny Doon - Update on the Quest for a BD Fire District - Crime Wave Washing Over Bonny Doon? - We Appreciate All Your Support - RBDA Board Shuffles Roles - New RBDA Mailing Address - Highlander Editorial Policy

March/April 2009  Meet the Bats of Bonny Doon - Amador Station Coming to Bonny Doon and CalFire Coming to RBDA Meeting - Cemex Chromium(VI) Chapter Closes - City Council Undermines UCSC Settlement - Mountain Lion Update - State Septic Regulatory Constipation Continues - The beginning of the end of the RBDA?

January/February 2009  The Secret Life of Mountain Lions - Tour of California Bike Race - Cemex: The Dust Is Slowly Settling - Cycling Tour of California Coming Through Bonny Doon - Hard Financial Times for the RBDA Too - LAFCO Extinguishes Fire District Again - Carol Atwood

November/December 2008  Bonny Doon Ecological Reserve: Beyond Fire Recovery - Toxic Dust from Cemex? The Answer Is Blowin' In the Wind – Remembering Don Coyne: Astrophysicist, RBDA Board Member, Environmentalist, Adventurer - District Fails, But Fire Service May Improve - UCSC-City Cooperation Begins - RBDA Board Nominations

September/October 2008    Fire in Bonny Doon: Ecology, Preparation, and Restoration - UCSC Lawsuit: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly - Ongoing Cemex Plant Mercury Monitoring - Board Nominations Coming - Plans Begin for Future of Ecological Reserve - Fire District Hearing Set for Sept. 22 - Miriam Beames appointed to the Vice Chair position on the RBDA Board

July/August 2008  Making Bonny Doon Fire Safe - An Ounce of Prevention… - Neighbors Joining Forces to Prevent Fire - Get More Involved in Prevention and Rescue - Learning How to Evacuate - Best Ways to Leave Your Home - All it takes is a spark - Bonny Doon Eco Reserve Fire Aftermath—essay by Miriam Beames

May/June 2008  Democratic Assembly Candidates at May 14 RBDA Meeting - Apple Moth (LBAM) Spraying Halted - Cement Plant,Quarry Emissions Need More Study - Supervisors Act on Building Code Changes, Postpone Discussion of Code Compliance - Redtree to Harvest 60 Acres of Trees - Frans Lanting Donates Proceeds of Photo Sale to RBDA - Yana Jacobs Resigns from RBDA Board

March/April 2008  State Wants to Spray Bonny Doon for Apple Moth – UCSC Mediation Drags On – Supervisors Continue to Mull Building Code Changes – Fire/Emergency Services: Still Many Questions - No Answers Yet to Cemex Issues - RBDA Website: Do You Use It? - 2008 Board Officers – What the New Membership Policy Means to You

January/February 2008  Panel on Proposed Changes to County Building Code for Small Structures - Redtree Properties’ Activities Raise Concerns - Annual RBDA Board Election - Proposal to Change Membership Expiration Dates
UCSC Lawsuit in Mediation - County to Redo Cemex Quarry Expansion DEIR - Frans Lanting to Donate Proceeds of photo sale - Nov. 14 Declared ‘RBDA Day’ - CHP Responds to Motorcycle Petition

November/December 2007  The RBDA Turns 50! Memories, Stories, and Observations from Old Friends About a Remarkable Half Century: Gary A. Patton, Mardi Wormhoudt, Neal Coonerty, Marilyn Hummel, Paul Hostetter, Bruce Bratton, Nancy Andreasen -  Cemex Quarry Expansion DEIR Challenged - Booms Remain a Mystery - UCSC Expansion Suit Goes to Mediation - No Apple Moth Spraying - Board Nominations At Nov. 14 General Meeting - Absentee Ballots - Roadside Weed Control Proposal Not Selected

September/October 2007  Hope Springs Eternal for Cemex Quarry Expansion - Judge Throws Cold Water on UCSC Expansion - Things That Go Boom in the Morning - North Coast off the List for Zero Waste EcoPark Development - RBDA Participating in Roadside Weed Control - Petition To Enforce Motorcycle Noise And Traffic Laws -  Board Nominations At November General Meeting

July/August 2007     BLM Inching Closer to Coast Dairies Takeover - UCSC Expansion EIR Lawsuits Head for Superior Court Showdown - Cemex Quarry Addition EIR, Air Studies Still on Hold - Winery Events Center Not Yet Toast - First Approval for TPZ Parcel Size Increase - No Official Word on Proposed Bonny Doon Fire District - Celebrate Bonny Doon - This is the 50th year of the RBDA

May/June 2007    State of the County: Neal Coonerty, 3rd District Supervisor - LAFCO Studies Fire Protection Issues - UCSC Wins in Superior Court, Loses in the Court of Public Opinion - Changes Proposed for TPZ Zoning - Water Still Flowing Despite Drought - Fire Team Unpancake Breakfast Sunday, May 6 - Do You Have A Piece Of RBDA Or Bonny Doon History?

March/April 2007  County Weighs in With Concerns on Fire District - An Evening of Birds - UCSC Lawsuits: One Ends, Another Begins - RBDA Board Election Results - Cemex Blows Off Air Pollution Risk Assessment Deadline - Membership Approves Dues Increase - RBDA Gets Ready to Celebrate 50th Anniversary

January/February 2007   Harems on the Beach: The Amazing Life of Elephant Seals – UCSC Expansion Plans Go Ahead Despite Lawsuits - Nudists sold separately (Red, White and Blue Beach) – Bonny Doon’s First West Nile Virus Case – RBDA Board Elections - LAFCO Studying Proposed Fire Protection District - RBDA Chair on the Radio

November/December 2006  Our Newest State Park: Coast Dairies Oceanside – State Parks Gives Peek at Future Plans For Coast Dairies – Santa Cruz to UC: See You in Court – Bonny Doon Fire Protection District: the Process – Wanted: New Environmentally-Minded Board Members – Cemex Moving Ahead on Quarry Expansion – Watershed Committee Proposes Education Project with Bonny Doon School – Dwindling Coffers: Proposal to Raise Membership Dues

September/October 2006  Creating a Bonny Doon Fire Protection District - State Parks Takes Over Oceanside Coast Dairies Lands - Campaign Begins in Support of UCSC Growth Curbing Measures – Continued Search for Phone Service Backup Solutions – Temporary Win for Smith Grade storm-damaged roads – Watershed Committee walk along the Laguna Creek – Eco Preserve Work Winds Down

July/August 2006  Phone Line Upgrades Downgrade Service - Slipsliding Away (road repairs) - Eco Reserve Fire Danger Brushed Off - Lockheed Says No to Water Testing - Sign Up for Better Emergency Protection - Supreme Court Chops Down Big Creek Suit - New Watershed Concerns and Next Tour - UCSC's Troubles Accelerate - Mail Service: How Low Can We Go?

May/June 2006  1 Win, 1 Loss in UCSC Expansion Fight - Coalition for Limiting University Expansion (CLUE) on Ranch View Terrace housing project and Terrace Point - Who Will Succeed Mardi Wormhoudt - and Will Our Phones Go Dead? - County Supervisor Candidates’ Forum - Dr. Betty Saxon of SBC/AT&T’s - Cemex, Coast Dairies Talking Land Swap - Big Creek vs. Santa Cruz Hits Supreme Court - Whoops! UCSC Chopped CDF Out of Timberland Conversion Review - Up the Creek, and Loving It - Watershed Preservation Whet Your Interest? - Better Fire Protection and Emergency Medical service - Eshoo Asked to again help with Mail Woes

March/April 2006  The State of the County 2006 -  Mardi Wormhoudt - Insurers Reviewing Home Policies in Potential Fire Areas - UCSC Sued Over Clean Water Act Violations - CLUE - Watershed  Association Formed, Laguna Creek Walk Scheduled - Hot News About Eco Reserve Fire Fuel Reduction -  Credit Where It’s Due - New RBDA Officers

January/February 2006  The History & Beauty of Bonny Doon Watersheds - UCSC's Growth Plan EIR A Joke, But Expansion Is Not  - Annual RBDA Board Election - North Coast Trail on Track -  Green Waste Going to Waste? - BLM Proposes Dousing Wilderness Areas with Herbicides

November - December 2005   The Energy Efficient Home - The City Coming to Our Hill: UCSC Expansion EIR  Released - Cemex Continues Quarry Expansion Efforts - Fire Safety in the Ecological Reserve - Lockheed Defuses Some Environmental Concerns - The Magic of Bonny Doon. . .It Didn't Just Happen Naturally - Home Insurers the  Teeth Behind New Fire Safety Law - RBDA Board Nominations

September - October 2005    New Fire Clearance Code May Affect You - Mail Relief - Mosquito Abatement Program  Comes to Bonny Doon - What are CSAs and Who's Running the Show? - City Water Dept: Fish Don't Need Water - Prolonging Landfill Life - Unlocking Lockheed - Winery Site for Sale - RMC Timber Harvest

May-June 2005     UCSC’s Long Range Development Plan: Bringing the City to Bonny Doon - Potential  Sandhills Habitat Conservation Areas in  Bonny Doon -  Got Mail? - City’s Water Line Relocation EIR Now Available - CYA Camp Conversion -  Coastal Cell Phone Antennae "Up" For Approval -  Roadside Spraying

March-April 2005     Conversion of Ben Lomond CYA camp to adult prison facility - risks for Bonny Doon? -  UCSC’s Long Range  Development Program: the Battle Begins  - Berkeley Sues Cal. Regents Over University Expansion - USPS Truck Sighting on Empire Grade - RBDA Board Election Results

January-February 2005     Topics for Annual Meeting - RBDA Board Election - State of the County 2005 - "Save the Mail" Committee? -   A Short-Range Defeat for UCSC’s Long Range Development Plan - Landfill Alternatives - TM Group Converging on a Plan

November-December 2004     Building Alternative Waste Strategies - Talking Trash: Dumping the Thayer Road Dump Site - Planning Commission: Felton Quarry a Nuisance - Impacts of UCSC Long Range Development Plan - Coast Dairies Title Transfer Stalled - Coho Update: Return of the Natives! -  RMC Sold to Cement Manufacturing Giant - TM Group Continues Research - RBDA Board Nominations - CCALM Group Scores Victory

September/October 2004     Will County Be Dumping on Bonny Doon? No - read the update - What’s in a Name? Origins  of Bonny Doon - Ye flowery banks o’bonie Doon - The PG&E Chainsaw Massacre: the Sequel - Big (monster house) - Updates: RMC Quarry Expansion - Proposed Water Pipeline - TM Retreat Center

July/August 2004 - Transcendental Meditation Program current proposal - Santa Cruz Gets Serious about New BD Pipelines - Roundup Time in Bonny Doon? - Thank you to our Patrons, Bill and Jill Harmon

May/June 2004  - Meditation Retreat Center Proposed - County Proposed Fire Code Changes Come with Their Own Firestorm - West Side Big  Boxes? -   Quarry "Quakes" - Coast Dairies Update: Land Transfer Must Meet Local Regulations - APAC RejectsSand Hill Bluff House

March/April 2004     (Wild) Life on the Edge - Waldorf School Expansion Approved - Court Cuts Down County Timber Zoning Law - RMC Loses Appeal on EIR - North Coast Farm Visitor’s Center to Open May 1 - New Board Members - Looking For A Few Good Astronomers

January/February 2004    Unlocking the Lockheed Files - Third Landowner Proposed for Coast Dairies - RBDA Executive Board Election -  Homeseller's Signs: Necessity and Eyesore - RBDA Board Meeting

November/December 2003    Coast Dairies Visionary To Speak At November RBDA Meeting - BLM Collects Comments - RBDA Road Committee Sends Storm Runoff Report to County - Adopt A Culvert - Lockheed: Do Good Defenses Make Good Neighbors? - RMC in a Scrape in Ecological Reserve - Nominations Due At November 12 Meeting - A Hunter’s Shot Shocks Resident (whoa!)

September/October 2003    Learning From Maps - Coast Dairies Transfer Delayed: Agriculture, Access Uncertain - Homer Strikes Out: Big Creek Goes to Bat for RMC - RMC Plans More Logging - RMC Forms Davenport Citizen’s Committee - Our Gratitude Is Off The Charts

July/August 2003     Coast Dairies: New Property Owners Moving Into Bonny Doon (with map - Congressmembers Support Coast Dairies Deed Restrictions - New Information Coming Down the Pipeline - Free Pipe Organ Concert at Boomeria - No RBDA Meeting in July - Have a Great Summer!

May/June 2003       Moon Rocks Surrounded by a Potential Moonscape - San Vicente Creek Flow Threatened - Waldorf, Neighbors, RBDA Get Beyond Their Salad Days - RMC: Resource Management for Consumption - Deliver Comments Directly to Postal Execs - Water and Property Rights, Take 1 -  Water and Property Rights, Take 2: County Environmental Health Dept. Adopts New Well Policy - Monster Home Has First Hearing - Coast Dairies Property Transfer Approaching - Bush Bending the Rules

March/April 2003     Sipping The Sea: Desalination - Supes Blur the Urban/Rural Line, Raise Land Use Questions - Uncle Sam Rides Into Bonny Doon - Ag Pond Becomes Fish Nursery - Bonny Doon Ecological Reserve Update - Reaching Higher for Better Mail Service

January/February 2003    The State of The County 2003 - Supervisor Mardi Wormhoudt - North Coast Farmers - Scrooged by Coast Dairies Stormy Times for Bonny Doon and County Budgets - So Long, But Not Good-bye - RBDA Board Nominees’ Statements Red-Tagged Horse Facility Approved - Eco Reserve Planning Proceeds - Supremes Take on 2nd Unit Suit

November/December 2002    The Artists of Bonny Doon - Planning Head Plans for Improvements - Agenda for General Meeting - Summary of Actions of RBDA Executive Board - Permit Hearing for Vigne Farms Boarding Stable - North Coast Water Safe for Now - RMC Digs in on EIR -  Ecological Reserve Plan Presented - RBDA Board Election

September/October 2002    Red Tape and Red Tags: Improving the Planning and Permit Process - Commercial Stable Headed for Permit Hearing  -  New Rules for Board Elections - Second Unit Suit Falters Again -  RMC Plant Expansion - New Deputy for Bonny Doon

July/August 2002      Fish and Farmers on the North Coast - Coast Dairies Management Plan Delayed - Davenport Water  Affected by RMC - New Bylaws Approved - City’s Leaky Pipe May Be Bonny Doon’s Problem - Felton’s  Water Now Comes Catch -  RMC Timber Harvest Approved - Software Alliance Bites Goat Pharm Company - Dates Set for RBDA Board Meetings

May/June 2002     Special Meeting to Revise RBDA Bylaws - Pipelines: Santa Cruz City Water & You  - BLM In Your Backyard -   Stable Project EIR Raises Questions - RMC Gassing Up Its Chainsaws - Where’s Waldorf? It’s Here. But Should it Be?

March/April 2002     Two Birds’ Dangerous Tales - Coast Dairies Planning Process Moves Ahead -  More Help for Horse Owners - Waldorf: The Right School in the Wrong Place? - Pig Petitions Online - Quarry Expansion EIR Exemption Denied - No Quorum at Meeting

January/February 2002     County Supervisors’ Candidates Night - Bylaws Changes Set for Vote - Good Horsekeeping - Coast Dairies  Planning Process Continues - RMC Quarry Expansion  Blasted - Money in the Pipeline - RBDA Board Elections - Pig Busters - Mailboxes in Bonny Doon?

November/December 2001     Rooting out wild pigs - Overview of proposed new bylaws - Official help for two local creeks - Sudden oak death syndrome fungus threatens area ecosystems - Maintaining your road frontage - Interested in serving on the RBDA Board? - Update your email address - County landfill at Dimeo Lane now accepting household hazardous wastes on Saturdays

September/October 2001      Sudden oak death syndrome - Roads committee sets goals - Felton empire pavement repair - The Bonny Doon Planning District (with map) RBDA standing rules - Verifying membership - Bylaws review continues  - Feed your need for (modem) speed - County's loans for farmworker housing rehabilitation  and improvements at the coast

July/August 2001       Coast Dairies: what is, what could be - How the postal service works, and doesn't - Pinus cellularis: endangered species on the coast - County road repairs - Issues appropriate to the RBDA - Committee to study bylaws created - Verifying membership qualifications

May/June 2001        The Post & The Coast, the Post Office’s Julia Simon; Board Incumbents Reelected; RBDA Members’ Eligibility Questioned; You Had Questions, We’ll Try to Find Answers; New Board Elects Officers, Replaces Fred Bryck; Limits Continued on Equestrian Center Operations; The Cell Sell; Spread Community News?; Board Considering Committees on Bylaws, Roads;  Mending a Fence; It’s Sir Frans Now

March/April 2001    All about Board elections and RBDA philosophy

January/February 2001    All about our mail delivery - Crystal Vision: Roy Rydell, 1915-2000 - Goat Pharm Still Not Cleaned Up Water, Water, But Not Everywhere - Want Bonny Doon News? Tune to the RBDA Web Site - Danger at Cave  Gulch - RBDA Push Leads to Emergency Road Repairs - The Return of the Unfriendly Skies (helicopter logging in  Bonny Doon) - Coastal Commission Says No to Sprouting Growth - The RBDA needs you—how about running for our  executive board ?

November/December 2000      Redwood Meadows Ranch Winery hearing - Thirsty for Water Knowledge? - Deputy Stefan Fish -  Well Metering Ordinance - SCBI Drops Goat Pharm Master Plan - County’s 7-Year Road Repair Plan -  Ben Harmon Elected to RBDA Board

September/October 2000    Potholes, Patching & Paving (Repairing the Roads of Bonny Doon) - Goat Town Now Ghost Town - Planning Commission Puts Hitch in Winery’s Wedding Plans - Keeley Bill Calls for Clearcutting Hiatus - The Fungus Among Us - The Foul Smell of Excess (asphalt production at the Felton Quarry) - What You Want?

July/August 2000      Coastal Commission Confronts County Supervisors on Biotech Goat Pharm - Redwood Meadows Winery Hearing Set  - New Deputy Sheriff a Natural for Bonny Doon - Iron Monsters Threaten Motorists in Cave Gulch -  Distant Rumble of Things to  Come? - Deputy Rescues the Eco Reserves

May/June 2000     Solar Energy In Your Home - Moon Rocks Protection Only a Small Step - Tickets Penned for Empire Grade  Parkers - Plover Lovers Wanted - Here Comes the Sheriff - Redwood Meadows Winery Hearing in June? -  Goat Pharm Gets Deadline to Get Its Manure Together - Court Belts 2nd Unit Suit - Friends of Bonny Doon? - RBDA Representatives to Advisory Groups

March/April 2000     Bonny Doon Vineyards - A Second House on Every Plot? - What Is a Good Lumbering Operation? -  Motorcyclists Tearing Up Gray Whale - SCBI’s Foul ‘Soup’ on Supes’ Agenda  - More "Oops" from PG&E -  Wylie Joins RBDA Board - UCSC’s Parking Problems Are Ours, Too - Help with Quarry Petition Data Input

January/February 2000     Mushroom Cuisine with William Rubel - PG&E tree cutting, more - SCBI biomedical goat ranch - Cunningham winery proposal - RMC Lonestar update - Board of Forestry timber harvest updates

November/December 1999     Disaster preparedness - Coast Dairies management planning process - PG&E tree cutting - Felton quarry - SCBI matters - Board of Forestry and local timber harvest updates

September/October 1999     The whole issue in one simple page Environmental safety - Coast Dairies management planning process - PG&E tree cutting - Sheriffs in Bonny Doon - Felton quarry - Twin Gates - Board of Forestry update

July/August 1999    Sheriff on the North Coast?—PG&E tree cutting policy - Second Unit Ordinance - Cunningham development position - coastal septic tanks bill AB 885 - SOAL update - Davenport cement plant noise - again - Beames back on the Board

May/June 1999     Logging Reform: Necessary or Not?—Waldorf School Expansion - Logging Bills: Assemblyman Fred Keeley's AB717 and AB748 - Beat Back the Broom, by Grey Hayes, New Wave of mail theft - No More Mystery Sound? - Gray Whale Advisory Committee - Graniterock’s frogs - Felton Quarry wants to drop the 20-night a year restriction on hours of operation

March/April 1999     Karen McNally on earthquakes, RMC/Pacific Materials - Logging update - Water Well survey - new board members, and more.

January/ February 1999      CDL use plan report - SCBI and the problem with goats - RMC name change & update - logging rules, Coast Dairies, board elections, and more.

November/December 1998      Grapes and goats, quarries, logging rules, Coast Dairies transfer, petitions, and more.

September/October 1998     RMC quarry - Santa Cruz Biotechnology - Highlander sponsorshipsvthe Buzz - C.A.M.P. report - remembering Ken Norris and Dave Williams, and more.

July/August 1998      RMC quarry - logging - Santa Cruz Biotechnology - website and 2040 Task Force - tire burning - quarry noise - executive board changes

May/June 1998      Water resources - logging, RMC quarry noise - Santa Cruz Biotechnology - website and 2040 Task Force - tire burning - quarry noise - bed and breakfast - remembering Dean McHenry and  Jane  McConnell
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