Amended 10 January 1996
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A. The name of this organization is: Rural Bonny Doon Association
B. The geographical area covered by this organization is that constituting the
     Bonny Doon Planning Area of Santa Cruz County.
A. The principal objectives of the Association are to keep Bonny Doon rural and natural, and to 
      preserve and protect its natural character. In furtherance of these objectives, the Association:
    1) considers and takes positions on development proposals and other issues
        affecting Bonny Doon.
    2) advocates positions of the Association on issues affecting Bonny Doon to
        responsible governmental agencies and officers as well as to private parties
        directly involved in the issues.
B. Other objectives, purposes and aims of the Association are:
    1) to keep the membership informed, through speakers and a newsletter, of 
        events and proposalsaffecting Bonny Doon property owners and residents.
    2) to act as a clearinghouse for information affecting the interests of the 
A. Membership in the Association shall be open to persons and other legal entities owning property in 
     the Bonny Doon Planning Area of Santa Cruz County and to persons who reside in said area.
B. Property owned by said corporations, syndicates, joint ventures and estates is considered as being 
     owned by one member.
    1) The Association shall be administered by its Executive Board consisting of 
         seven Association members, each of whom shall be a year-round resident
        of Bonny Doon.
    2) The Executive Board shall hold an official meeting prior to each regularly 
         scheduled general meeting.
    3) The Executive Board shall set an agenda for the general meetings of the
         membership and the Chair of the Executive Board shall chair the
         membership meetings. Additional agenda items may be proposed by
         the membership.
    4) The Executive Board shall have the authority to take positions on behalf of
         the Association on matters which it determines do not require the
         consideration of the entire membership of the Association.
    5) Minutes shall be taken of each meeting of the Executive Board and such
         minutes shall be available for examination by any member of the
        Association. A summary of actions taken shall be read or posted at the 
        next general meeting.
B. At each annual meeting, vacancies in the Executive Board shall be filled by
     electing members for two-year terms. Terms are staggered: four positions
     elected in odd-numbered years, three in even-numbered years.
C. Immediately following the annual election, the Executive Board shall assign one of the following 
     offices to each of its members:
    • Chair
    • Vice-chair
    • Recording Secretary
    • Corresponding Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Membership Coordinator
    • Highlander Editor
D. The authority to expend funds needed for the administration of the
     Association and to hold title to all of its assets rests with the Executive
     Board. Other expenditures shall be approved by the general membership.
E. If any vacancy shall occur in the Executive Board, the Board shall elect a
     new Board member to fill such vacancy until the next general meeting. At 
     the next general meeting, a member shall be elected to serve until the next
     annual meeting. At the next annual meeting, a member shall be elected to 
     fill the remainder of the term.


A. Annual dues shall be determined by the Executive Board and approved by
     members at the Annual meeting. Persons and firms that join the Association
     during the year and pay their dues shall be members in good standing for
     twelve months after payment of dues.
B. The Treasurer shall receive all Association funds, keep them in a bank
     approved by the Executive Board, and pay them out only on an order signed
     by the Chair and one other officer.
A. There shall be an annual meeting in January and other such meetings as 
     the Executive Board deems necessary.
B. At any general membership meeting, twenty percent (20%) of the current membership of the 
     Association shall constitute a quorum. The quorum for the membership at the January annual 
     meeting is based on the previous year's membership as of December 31st of that year.
C. Upon written request signed by at least ten percent (10%) of the members of the Association, the
      Executive Board shall be required to call a special meeting within five (5) days of such notice.
D. No proxy or absentee votes will be accepted for votes taken at any meeting.
E. Prior to the annual meeting, the Executive Board shall appoint a nominating committee of three 
     Association members which shall nominate candidates for the Executive Board and present such 
     nominations at the annual meeting. Additional nominations may be made from the floor by any 
     Association member.
A. Minutes of all meetings of the Association, copies of the Highlander newsletters and records of 
     the Treasurer and the Membership Coordinator shall be preserved by the Chair of the Executive 
     Board and passed on to his or her successor.
A. Roberts Rules of Order (Newly Revised) shall govern the proceedings of all meetings of this 
A. These bylaws may be amended upon approval of the proposed amendments by a two-thirds (2/3) 
     vote of the members present at an annual meeting, or at a special meeting called for the purpose
     of considering amendment of the bylaws.

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